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Secretary Of State’s Office Sending Absentee Ballot Applications To Every Registered Voter

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The Secretary of State’s office says every registered voter will get an application to vote absentee in the mail.

Secretary Jocelyn Benson said in the May 5th election, a record number of people voted and 99 percent of those voters mailed their ballot or put it in a clerk’s drop box.

“So what that also showed us where that when applications are received, citizens want to be able to vote by mail, especially during a pandemic where there's a lot of uncertainties and showing up to vote in person may lead someone to believe they'll be risking their health in order to vote,” Benson said.

Some local clerks have already mailed applications.

In 2018, voters amended the state constitution to allow no-reason absentee voting. Benson said the COVID-19 pandemic makes that right even more urgent.

“What we're doing today with this mailing is simply ensuring every citizen is educated and fully informed on how to exercise that right,” said Benson. “Which again, we feel that during a pandemic is more important than ever.”

Of the 7.7 million registered voters in Michigan, 1.3 million are on the permanent absent voter list. 


Benson believes that number will increase in the future.

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