$10m gift to MSU will fuel genetics effort

Dec 12, 2016

Michigan State’s College of Engineering has received its largest individual gift ever, for over $10 million. We learn about the work in genetics the money will be used for and about its extraordinary donor.

Last week, Michigan State University’s College of Engineering announced the largest individual gift in its history: $10.7-million. Computer scientist John R. Koza, a University of Michigan graduate based in California, made the bequest. After he dies, the money will be used to establish two endowed chairs. These are faculty positions to be held by eminent scholars who will study and teach genetic programming.

The bequest will go to MSU’s BEACON Center for the study of evolution in action.

Current State learns more about the gift, the BEACON center and genetic programming from director Erik Goodman and professor Wolfgang Banzhaf,  the BEACON Center’s first endowed chair, made possible by a previous gift from Mr Koza for $2-million.