2018 Sees Record Amount Of Money Spent On Lobbying In Michigan

Feb 22, 2019

Money spent on lobbying in Michigan reached an all time high last year. That’s according to data collected by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. Capital Correspondent Cheyna Roth reports.

More than 40 million dollars was spent on lobbying lawmakers in 20-18, according to the Network. That’s up from last year, and part of an increased spending trend in the state over the last couple decades.

Craig Mauger is the executive director of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. He says lobbying went up during the second half of the year.

And Mauger thinks this may be because of an unusually busy lame duck session.

“Lobbying in Michigan is money that is spent directly to communicate with public office holders to try to influence their votes on legislation, potentially rules.”

During the last few weeks of 20-18, lawmakers voted on hundreds of bills.