After 52 years, Radio Reader Dick Estell signs off

Mar 9, 2016

Dick Estell's lengthy run as WKAR's Radio Reader is coming to and end. In an interview a couple of years ago, he reflected on the personal significance of the show.

A 1960's era photo of Dick Estell in the WKAR-TV studios.
Credit file / WKAR-MSU

Few broadcast programs have stuck around longer than WKAR’s The Radio Reader. In fact, Radio Reader has been on the air almost as long as radio.

Since its inception in the early days of WKAR, Radio Reader has touched the lives of countless millions. Radio Reader was one of the first nationally-syndicated programs on the fledgling national public radio network of the early 1970’s.

But all good things come to an end.

WKAR-AM 870 host Dick Estell will retire from his half-century run with the show after this week’s conclusion of John Grisham’s novel, "Rogue Lawyer."

Back in 2014, Dick celebrated his 50 years of Radio Reader in a Current State interview with Mark Bashore. We have this excerpt from that conversation.