AIDS quilt panels on display at MSU Museum

Dec 1, 2016

The entire 48,000-plus panels of the AIDS quilt were last displayed nearly 20 years ago in Washington D.C. On this World AIDS day, the MSU Museum has been loaned a portion of them to display for the next 10 days. We speak with a curator of the Museum about how quilts capture the emotions of an underrepresented population.

Today marks the 28th World AIDS Day as set up by the World Health Organization. To that point, the MSU Museum has been loaned a portion of the famed AIDS Memorial Quilt from the NAMES Project. The quilt was last fully seen, all 54 tons of it, back in 1996.

As the MSU Museum’s Curator of Cultural Heritage, Mary Worral tells Current State’s Jamie Paisley that the AIDS quilt panels have traveled around quite a bit. They were first in San Francisco, then moved to Washington D.C., and finally to its latest residency.