Animal Babies: First Year On Earth | Special

Aug 19, 2019

Wednesdays, Aug. 28-Sep. 11, 8pm on WKAR-HD | Meet six baby animals from across the globe!

Like all babies, a young animal’s first year can be filled with love, joy and play. A baby animal can also face several challenges in its first year, whether fighting for survival in the wild or coexisting with humans. 

In Animals Babies: First Year On Earth, four renowned wildlife cinematographers travel the globe to follow the lives of six baby animals. As the animals grow and develop, viewers discover what it takes for these unique species to overcome threats and challenges from rivals, predators and the elements.

Viewers will see a baby gorilla learning to navigate an ancient forest, a baby sea otter adapting to living alongside humans and Arctic fox cubs racing to become self-sufficient before winter arrives. With intimate access and expert scientific knowledge, the series casts a new light on the daily lives of animal infants, troops and clans during their first year on earth.