Are there any new programs we can enjoy with our children?

Aug 4, 2020

From Mrs. Pizzo's Workshop 

I love this question because I love that WKAR’s programming emphasizes high-quality content with shows from PBS KIDS, NOVA, and even Sesame Street.  Each promote the benefits of co-viewing defined as parent and child viewing multi-media together.

The benefits of co-viewing include:

  • collaborative learning
  • conversation and vocabulary building
  • extended learning opportunities

Here are few I hope families will check out.

Hero Elementary is a school for budding superheroes, where kids learn to master their innate powers, while exploring science along the way. The series aims to give children ages 4 to 7 the tools to solve problems by thinking and acting like scientists and igniting their natural curiosity and empathy.

Esme and Roy are best friends — and the best monstersitters in Monsterdale! The new animated series from the makers of Sesame Street will bring little viewers along into a colorful world where even the littlest monsters can overcome big challenges together.

Parentalogic is a new fave of mine and brought to us by Nova and PBS Digital Studios. Pediatrician Alok Patel and comedian (and mother of two) Bethany Van Delft dive into topics nearly all parents face from pregnancy to poop, fevers to tantrums. Parentalogic explores what science has to say about the questions that keep parents up at night.

Mrs. Pizzo

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