Attorney for Alleged Rape Victim: "At This Point" MSU Players Not Named Defendants

Apr 10, 2018

Karen Truszkowski is the attorney representing an alleged victim of rape by three unnamed Michigan State men's basketball players in 2015. The Michigan State University student is suing the school for how she says she was treated after informing the MSU Counseling Center. 

Karen Truszkowski
Credit Karen Truszkowski

Truszkowski joined host Al Martin on Tuesday's Current Sports, detailing what the last three years have been like for her client, as well as clarifying the lawsuit against MSU. WKAR reached out to the MSUCC for comment and no response has been given as of 4:46pm on April 10, 2018. 

Truszkowski is also the attorney for the alleged victim of sexual assault in the Michigan State football sexual assault case, involving former players Josh King, Donnie Corley Jr., and Demetric Vance. The three players reached a plea deal last week, which allows them to possibly avoid jail time. Is this vindication for the victim? Truszkowski weighs-in on that as well with Al.