Audio Postcard: Colors Of Autumn On The Lansing River Trail

Nov 9, 2019

When people think of Lansing, the first thing that comes to mind may be the capitol building where Michigan lawmakers meet. But, outside of the marble hallways, the capital city also offers places to admire the changing seasons. WKAR’s Alina Zhuravel sends an audio postcard from Lansing’s River Trail.

Walking alongside the Grand River, I can see the colors of autumn reflected in the water. Leaves in hues of reds and oranges flutter in the wind. 

Golden leaves on the trees of Turner Park in Old Town.

Just as we let go of things we no longer need, so do the trees.


With every step I take, I am reminded of how beautiful change can be.   


My path becomes filled with color as leaves line the trail.


Although I’m exploring on foot, others are taking a different approach.


Many choose to pedal through the bike friendly trail.

Ducks swimming in the Grand River.

Some stop to admire the ducks swimming beside them.  


Other visitors choose to capture the moment.


Knowing that the beauty of autumn doesn’t last forever.