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A driving guitar and brassy sax punctuate the songwriting of Michigan's C.W. Rideoutt.

Originally aired 1/7/10

Rock and roll, R and B, a driving guitar, one brassy sax and the songwriting of C.W. Rideoutt. This up-and-coming band from Lansing, Michigan plays selections from their debut CD, King Without a Crown.

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Selections heard include: It Ain't Rocket Surgery, Slowly and Gently, Can't Win For Losin', Indiana Wants To Kill Me, The Comeback, Gotta Give In, Livin' the Blues, King Without a Crown, Unneccesary Roughness, The Only One.

Online videos:
The Comeback
Indiana Wants to Kill Me

The musicians are: C.W. Rideoutt (guitar & lead vocals), James Norris (bass), Eric Payne (drums), Mike Lynch (keyboards), William Metz (saxophone & vocals), Andy Wilson (harmonica & vocals).