Bill Package Would Allow People Convicted Of Marijuana-Related Crimes To Have Sentences Reviewed

Apr 16, 2019

Under a new package of bills in the state Senate people on probation or in prison for marijuana related crimes could have their sentences reduced or eliminated.

According to an official with the Michigan Department of Corrections, the bills could impact over 1,300 people currently on probation for marijuana related crimes. 

There are only three people in prison who could be affected by the measure. 

Democratic State Senator Sylvia Santana authored the legislation. She said the bills allows people with marijuana convictions to appeal to a judge to have their case reviewed. 

“We have already legalized marijuana in the state so therefore this is just the right thing to do.”

Santana said people on probation only for marijuana related crimes could see their sentences terminated.

Most people, however, have multiple convictions and may only see their sentences reduced. 

The bill has bipartisan support and Santana said she hopes it moves quickly through the legislature.