Bill Would Allow Police To Take License Plate From Uninsured Drivers

Aug 12, 2019

A state lawmaker says the work on changing Michigan’s no fault auto insurance system isn’t over yet. Major changes to the state’s car insurance system were signed into law this May.

Republican Senator Peter Lucido says the Legislature has brought insurance rate relief to Michigan residents. He said now it’s time to make sure all Michigan residents actually get car insurance.

Lucido introduced a bill that would allow law enforcement to take a vehicle’s license plate if the driver doesn’t have active insurance.

“I want everybody to know, since you told us you couldn’t afford it, and now we’ve made it affordable, you have no more excuses not to buy it," said Lucido.

Lucido also introduced a bill that would create an electronic vehicle insurance verification system for real-time tracking of a car’s insurance status.

Both bills are waiting for a committee hearing.