Bill Would Make Registering A Pistol Optional In Michigan

May 8, 2017

Michigan Representative Lee Chatfield of Levering introduced a bill that would make registering your pistol optional.

The bill would also get rid of the $250 fine for not registering.

The NRA supports the bill. Spokeswoman Amy Hunter says registering a firearm doesn’t keep anybody safer.

“There's no public safety value to it, it doesn't enable police to keep track of firearms any better, it doesn't quicken the time in which firearms are traced for the most part.”

Linda Brundage is the executive director of the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence. She says any legislation that loosens restrictions on gun ownership is bad.

“The more readily accessible we make guns, the more people die. There’s a huge correlation between states with weak gun laws and death.”

The bill remains in a House Committee for now.