Bill Would Outlaw Flying Pride Flag At State Offices

Jul 29, 2019

Governor Gretchen Whitmer said her veto pen is ready if the Legislature sends her a bill that would outlaw flying the gay pride flag – or any other un-official flag -- at state offices. The bill was introduced after Whitmer flew the rainbow flag to commemorate Pride Week.

The bill was introduced by state Representative Lynn Affendoulis. Her bill would allow only official US and Michigan flags to be flown at state buildings.

Whitmer, a Democrat, responded with a Twitter post that the bill would be quickly vetoed if it reaches her desk. Tiffany Brown is Whitmer’s press secretary.

“The state of Michigan should be open for business to all," said Brown.

Affendoulis is seeking the Republican nomination for a west Michigan congressional seat. One of her opponents says her bill would also ban flying flags that honor veterans and former prisoners of war.

The bill has been assigned to the state House Government Operations Committee, but no hearing has been scheduled.