Billionaire Dan Gilbert May Take Auto Insurance Changes To Voters

Nov 20, 2018

Detroit businessman Dan Gilbert says he’s ready to start a ballot campaign to try to lower the state’s auto insurance rates.

Billionaire business mogul Dan Gilbert may try to get auto insurance changes on the 2020 ballot. Parts of Michigan – especially Detroit – have some of the highest auto insurance rates in the nation.

Jared Fleisher is a spokesperson for Gilbert.

He said the problem is requiring people to have unlimited medical benefits. Fleisher says Gilbert plans to try to get the state Legislature to change the current system during its lame-duck session.

If it doesn’t – Fleisher says Gilbert may form a campaign to take the issue to the voters. 

“If the leaders can’t come together because of politics and special interests and solve this for the people, then we believe that we have to bring this directly to the people," said Fleisher.

Gilbert’s proposal is focused on letting people choose how much medical coverage they want.

“We’ve done polling and we think there is overwhelming public support for the people to have a choice in the amount of coverage that they buy, not to be forced to buy this unlimited lifetime policy," said Fleisher.

Auto insurance campaigns have been tried before – but those failed in the 1990’s.