Bionic eye helps Michigan man see again

May 1, 2014

The Argus II uses electical stimulation of the retina to reproduce an image that is captured by a video camera.
Credit Courtesy - Second Sight

Restoring sight to the blind and visually impaired has long been thought of as more in the realm of science fiction than actual science. But Roger Pontz of Reed City, Michigan would beg to differ. Diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease as a teenager, Pontz was almost completely blind until last January, when he became just the fourth person in the United States to have a device called the Argus II implanted.

Current State talked with Pontz, along with Brian Mech, a Vice president for Second Sight, the company that invented the ARGUS II device.

Pontz says before getting the device he used to have to put his hands in front of his face, and would tend to bang into walls. That doesn't happen anymore.