The Camaro turns 50: Lansing celebrates its new hometown brand

Aug 19, 2016

This weekend, General Motors is honoring the Camaro on its 50th anniversary. Current State’s Kevin Lavery gets under the hood to learn more about the venerable muscle car.

It was big news last October when the first Chevy Camaro made in Lansing rolled off the production line. For several years, the model had been manufactured in Ontario, and many Americans were thrilled to see the classic American muscle car come home.

The Camaro made is debut 50 years ago as a 1967 model. Now, General Motors is celebrating the legacy of its legendary brand with a series of events in Lansing and Detroit.

Current State’s Kevin Lavery spent some time with Camaro owners as they cruised the parking lots outside the LGR plant near downtown Lansing.