CATA official: Bus plan’s critics will get answers

Aug 22, 2016

Resistance to CATA’s Bus Rapid Transit project persists in Meridian Township. Residents and business owners say the transportation authority hasn’t answered their questions. We talk with three BRT supporters.

Last week, Current State heard from two Meridian Township critics of a planned Bus Rapid Transit system running between Lansing and Okemos. Lansing’s Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) has a shot at more than $130-million in federal and state money, earmarked for such a system. It would create dedicated bus lanes and significantly alter intersections and traffic patterns.

Supporters say the BRT would allow faster, safer travel down Michigan and Grand River Avenues and be a boost to the local economy. Critics, particularly in Meridian Township, have ongoing problems with the design, costs and suitability of the project. They complain that CATA is not responding to their concerns.

Current State speaks with BRT supporters Bob Swanson, vice chair of the CATA Board of Directors,  Sean Hammond, founder of the grass roots organization Capital Area Transit Supporters (CATS), and East Lansing business owner Joe Ross.