Churning Is Learning at MSU Dairy Store

Jul 5, 2018

The Michigan State University Dairy Store is hailed as one of the tastiest ice cream shops in the country.

Demand for the dessert only rises with the temperatures. 


  It’s late afternoon on an 80 degree June day on the campus of Michigan State University. There’s a wraparound line at MSU’s Dairy Store where top selling flavors Sesquicentennial Swirl and Buckeye Blitz temp taste buds.

Dairy store ice cream is provided by milk from MSU’s own dairy cows. The ice cream and other products are made at the school’s dairy plant – a state of the art teaching tool for students pursuing careers in the food science industry.

Student supervisor Katy Petersen said the store only sells locally-produced foods.

“Our production team, they use real milk, real cream, real sugar, real butter – yeah.  It’s real ice cream and it’s local ice cream. All milk that doesn’t come from MSU dairy cows is sourced in from other Michigan dairy farms,” Petersen said.

Petersen added that the dairy store started as just two tubs of ice cream. It now offers dozens of flavors and specialty cheeses.