Clio Superintendent: Why we need guns in MI schools

Oct 20, 2015

An east Michigan public school official supports the right of licensed gun owners to conceal carry in schools. Current State talks with Clio Community Schools Superintendent Fletcher Spears about guns in schools.

Michigan legislators are debating measures that would enable certain permitted gunowners to carry concealed weapons in gun free zones, including schools. Supporters of Senate bill 442, one of the measures, say shootings in public spaces like schools would be less likely or could be stopped if perpetrators knew responsible gun owners were allowed to have a weapon there.

Opponents say more guns in schools, sports venues, hospitals and other such spaces will not make them safer.

The measure is viewed by some as a compromise because of an unusual wrinkle in state gun laws. Currently, certified gun owners are allowed to open carry in schools, despite their status as gun free zones. The concealed carry measure is viewed by some as less likely to create confusion and possible danger.

Fletcher Spears is a gun rights supporter and is Superintendent of the Clio Community Schools north of Flint. He spoke in favor of the measure last week at the state capitol.

Current State speaks with Spears about allowing guns in Michigan schools.