Commission Says Judge Brennan Should Be Removed For Misconduct

Apr 11, 2019

A state commission said a judge in Livingston County should be removed for misconduct. The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission sent its recommendation Thursday to the Michigan Supreme Court.

The commission said District Court Judge Theresa Brennan lied under oath, tampered with evidence in her own divorce case and carried on an improper relationship with a police detective. 

That was at the same time the detective appeared before her in a case she presided over. 

John Nevin is the communications director for the Michigan Supreme Court. He said the justices in the court will make the final decision. 

“In our constitution, the Judicial Tenure Commission has the opportunity to recommend punishment, but the only body that can actually implement that punishment is the Supreme Court,” said Nevin.

Brennan will have a chance to respond to the recommendation before the Supreme Court makes a decision.