Construction Begins on Second Soccer Field in South Lansing

Oct 8, 2018

Lansing officials and community leaders broke ground on a new park and soccer field in South Lansing earlier this morning.

After years of anticipation, contributors were able to put heir hard hats on and begin digging.

The new park will include a walking path, playground and community soccer field. It's been named Beacon SW, following the success of of the original Beacon Field at South Lansing's Ferris Park.

The Capital Area Soccer League Exectuive Director Scott Dane said the community was helpful with the first park in 2015 and even more willing to execute the second.

"We've had zero vandalism, the kids love being there, it's a safe place, the neighbors love it, the neighborhood loves it and we hope to replicate that feeling of community and neighborhood pride here at the Southside Community Coalition," Dane said.

Approximately $330,000 of the park is funded between several sources. One is the City of Lansing.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said the city contributed $150,000 to a place where everyone can be involved.

“We’re building capacity here on the southwest side to make sure that kids can play some soccer and can hang out and have fun and do it in a great way,” Schor said. 

The soccer field is expected to be completed this fall. Playground and pathway additions will be finished in the spring of 2019.