Could Michigan learn from Minnesota's high tax success?

Jun 19, 2014

Minnesota's gas tax formula differs from Michigan's.
Credit Flickr - Mark Turnauckas

As Michigan works to recover from the economic downturn and the decline in its manufacturing base, there have been plenty of debates over which policies will set Michigan on a long-term path toward more prosperity.

With much of the state government controlled by the Republican Party, often the path touted to bring Michigan’s economy back involves lower taxes, a decrease in regulations, and an overall reduction in the role of government. But a recent report put out by Michigan Future, an Ann Arbor-based think tank, looks at Minnesota, which has the most robust economy in among the Great Lakes states, yet its residents are some of the most heavily taxed in the nation. 

Rick Haglund is a longtime Michigan journalist and the author of the report entitled “State Policies Matter: How Minnesota’s Tax, Spending and Social Policies Help it Achieve the Best Economy Among Great Lakes State.” He joins Current State to help us see what we can learn from the way Minnesota does things in terms of taxes and how it affects citizens lifestyles.