COVID-19 Delays MI Census Operations

Mar 31, 2020

April 1 is Census Day, the date when America takes a snapshot of its population.  This year, some key operations have been postponed because of the coronavirus. 

Michigan census officials are asking everyone living in the state to complete their form by April 30. 

That will remove their address from the U.S. Census Bureau’s national door to door effort, which now will start May 13. 

Michigan Census Director Kerry Ebersole Singh says the count determines funding for a host of programs, including public health.

“And we know that more important than ever, those foundation programs are going to be needed in our state as we face this unprecedented challenge that we’re facing today,” says Singh.

Singh says Michigan currently has the fifth highest census reporting rate in the nation, but is still behind projections. 

The U.S. Census Bureau has extended operations until August 13.