Current Sports | 10/12/16 | #800

Oct 12, 2016

MLB Playoff Perspective, Chicago Cubs, Playoff Picks, Jimmy Raye, Tom Shanahan, Raye of Light and Game of the Century.

On today's "Current Sports" with Al Martin, we start with the MLB Playoffs! What a night it was for the Chicago Cubs, who advanced to the NLCS after a thrilling, come-from-behind win over the San Francisco Giants. So, are the Cubs now the favorite to go all the way?

Then, Current Sports continues its memorable week of history in celebration of MSU homecoming and the parade by inviting two guest with expansive knowledge of the 1965-66 Duffy Daugherty groundbreaking teams. Jimmy Raye, the first black quarterback for MSU, and author Tom Shanahan, who recently released his book, "Raye of Light," recount the turbulent times of the 1960s. From the "game of the century" to the indelible marks of Jim Crow laws today, both guests pilot the time-turning show for the rest of the hour.