Current Sports | 10/14/16 | #802

Oct 14, 2016

Homecoming Parade, Midnight Madness, MSU Football Preview, Northwestern Football, MLB Playoffs and Reflection Friday.

There's a fully booked night for WKAR's Current Sports cast, which means you should have plans to attend. First, Al and engineer Isaac Constans march on over to the MSU Auditorium where they will be emceeing the MSU homecoming parade. And if you're a night owl, Midnight Madness is marked by Current Sports, as well, with Al hosting the celebratory event. Onto the substance of the day, the show begins with a full preview of the MSU-Northwestern games, with Al and Isaac squaring off against productions assistants Zach Swiecicki and Griffin Wasik in terms of predictions. Then, new Current Sports intern David Greenberg makes his cameo on the air to discuss some hometown baseball with his Chicago Cubs. Finally, Reflection Friday puts the cherry on top of a busy hour.