Current Sports | 2/22/16 | #643

Feb 22, 2016

Rachel Banham, MSU Women's Basketball, Aerial Powers, Denzel Valentine Injury Conspiracy, Michigan State Men's Basketball, Michigan Men's Basketball, Weekend Winners, and Anthony Davis.

A high-scoring, high-flying weekend is in the books. The Michigan State women's basketball team beat Minnesota in a frenetic affair, with both teams scoring over 100 points. With so many storylines to go through, Al and Isaac touch them all, including the milestone Suzy Merchant reached, the night Aerial Powers had, and the unstoppable Rachel Banham. Then, hear what Al, Isaac, and Tom Izzo have to say regarding the Mark Titus conspiracy theory about the earlier injury to Denzel Valentine, plus a bunch of other MSU hoops topics. Additionally, a new chapter is opened in the 'February Film Face-off' series, pitting "Rudy" against "Hoop Dreams." Finally, the 'Weekend Winners' segment features extensive covering of Anthony Davis and Michigan men's basketball.