Current Sports | 6/21/16 | #727

Jun 21, 2016

U.S. Open Golf Tournament, Dustin Johnson, Detroit Tigers, Justin Upton, Mike Ball, Personal Fitness, and Keith Appling.

Credit Keith Allison / Flickr Creative Commons

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin," with all of the NBA Finals talk yesterday, the U.S. Open golf tournament was actually skimmed over. Al rectifies that on today's show by giving his take on the controversial Dustin Johnson penalty that assessed. Then, Al brings engineer Isaac Constans onto the show to discuss the latest developments of the Detroit Tigers, including Justin Upton's hot streak. And following a little gossip, beach body chasers should crank the volume up just a little louder as a throwback interview with personal trainer Mike Ball returns as preparation for the summer season. And finally, Al and Isaac deliberate on whether Keith Appling can recover from his latest lapse, as he was once again brought in on gun charges.