Current Sports | 7/21/16 | #746

Jul 21, 2016

Detroit Tigers' Batting Struggles, The Olympics, Russian State-Sponsored Doping, K.C. Johnson, Chicago Bulls, Denzel Valentine, WNBA, and Throwback Thursday.

Credit Andre Kiwitz / Flickr Creative Commons

First on the show, the series that engineer Isaac Constans said should have been a sweep didn't go that way whatsoever. Isaac addresses the newfound problem for the Detroit Tigers and what their season looks like going forward. Moving onto even bigger issues, could Russia be kicked out of the Olympics? Isaac goes through the recent discoveries that could point to that seemingly crazy reality. Then, K.C. Johnson is on the air to talk about his coverage of the Chicago Bulls and new pick Denzel Valentine for the Chicago Tribune. And lastly, it's the latest case of athletes being punished for taking a stand, and this one comes from the WNBA. Isaac sounds off on that and signs off for the week with "Throwback Thursday." Regular host Al Martin will resume his duties tomorrow.