Current Sports | 7/6/16 | #735

Jul 6, 2016

Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians, Playoff Hopes, Tigers Pitching, Tori Franklin, Michigan State Track and Field, The Olympics, Miles Bridges, Bryn Forbes, and Kevin Durant.

Credit Michigan State Athletics Dept.

On today's  "Current Sports with Al Martin" the Detroit Tigers just cannot beat the Cleveland Indians, plain and simple. Al tries to diagnose the problem with the Tigers after a 12-1 loss. Engineer Isaac Constans returns from vacation and posits that maybe it's not the Tigers but the Indians. Then, a favorite caller, Jody from Canada, brings up the Michigan State Spartan basketball showing over the summer. Far from a dead time, Bryn Forbes and Miles Bridges have been sparkling under the scrutiny. Also, Tori Franklin, former Michigan State track and field jumper, joins the show to tell of her quest to make the Olympics. And finally, Al and Isaac take issue with Detroit Pistons' great Isaiah Thomas for standing up for Kevin Durant.