Current Sports | 9/21/16 | #785

Sep 21, 2016

Detroit Tigers, Athletes and Money, Glen Rice, MLB Playoff Picture, Best Logos in Sports, Jim Weber, and Larry Nassar.

Credit Michigan Secretary of State

What is up beautiful people? Starting off the show is a little TV talk between Al and engineer Isaac Constans to crack the humdrum hump day. Then, $35 million dollars is apparently not enough for former athletes. A well covered issue in sports reappears, as Al and Isaac try to figure out why athletes can still wind up broke. Also, the Detroit Tigers are moving up the wild card ladder. Will they make it? Jim Weber of Athlon Sports is the star voice of the day, as he comes on midway through the hour to discuss his popular story ranking the best college logos, a list that includes both MSU and UM high up. Find out where they both wound up, before ending the show with the introduction and preview of tomorrow's topics.