Current Sports | August 22, 2017

Aug 22, 2017

Sports Predictions; Coaching Styles; University of Michigan Football; College Football; High School Football; Terry Hessbrook; Ithaca Yellowjackets; Thiyo Lukusa.

Terry Hessbrook, head coach of Ithaca High School football.
Credit WKAR

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin," the line between confidence and cockiness can be thin. But there was no mistaking the tone of Florida head coach Jim McElwain in previewing the Michigan-Florida game. Al chronicles some of the notable guarantees in the past that have and haven't worked out, including a particularly infamous one slung against New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Is McElwain smart to run his mouth before facing Brady's former school? Al and engineer Isaac Constans review the merits and risks of pregame trash talk. Then, Terry Hessbrook has a few predictions to make himself as the Ithaca Yellowjackets open the Michigan high school football season on Thursday. Hessbrook, the head coach, gives his year's expectations, as well as describing the challenges of moving up a division. To end the show, Al revisits the story of Thiyo Lukusa, and defends the former Michigan State lineman's decision to transfer.

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