Current Sports | December 3, 2018

Dec 3, 2018

Mark Dantonio; Rocky Lombardi; Brian Lewerke; Dave Warner; Justin Herbert; Jim Harbaugh; Jalen Hurts; Nick Saban; Damon Rensing

Credit Eleven Warriors / Flickr Creative Commons

The college football playoffs and the other various bowl games have been set. On this episode of Current Sports with Al Martin, Al lists the Michigan-relevant bowl games as well as the nationally relevant bowl games, and provides his predictions on them. Also, Al brings up the debate on whether or not the potentially top-ranked NFL draft picks in college football should play in their school's respective bowl games because of risk of injury. To close out the show, Al discusses the controversial ranking of Notre Dame, and whether or not them being independent from conferences and not having to play in a conference championship game should hurt their playoff chances.

Episode 1314