Current Sports | June 11, 2020 | LeBron James Voting Rights Group, Tom Shanahan and Jimmy Raye Remix

Jun 11, 2020

LeBron James voting rights group; NBA players hesistant about resuming season; Tom Shanahan and Jimmy Raye Current Sports throwback

Credit Flickr / Creative Commons

On today's Current Sports with Al Martin, LeBron James continues to lead the way as the athletic voice of change in the midst of inequality in our nation. Al tells you how James and other players have started a voting rights group. Also, we touch upon why many NBA players are hesistant about resuming the season, which took a pause due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also, on this Throwback Thursday we take a look back at an interview with author Tom Shanahan and Jimmy Raye, who is Michigan State's first black quarterback. Listen as Raye talks about how former MSU football Duffy Daugherty broke the color barrier. That, and more!

Episode 1653