Current Sports | March 13, 2017

Mar 13, 2017

Current Sports Bracketology; NCAA Tournament; University of Michigan Basketball; Big Ten Tournament; DeShaun Tate; Demmer Shooting Center.

Credit jmcmann / Flickr Creative Commons

March is in the midst of madness. "Current Sports with Al Martin" starts its annual bracketology segment, with engineer Isaac Constans back from spring break. Al and Isaac release some of their biggest takeaways on air, and Al describes how Michigan went from on the bubble to conference champion. The Big Ten Tournament itself is reviewed, as are the paths to the tournament for numerous other squads. Also, how did the Spartans shake up? DeShaun Tate, CBS radio producer and host in Atlanta, has been tracking college basketball throughout the season and joins the show to give his initial impressions. From a possible Syracuse snub to his game-by-game predictions and an early championship pick, DeShaun pulls out all of the tricks. To end the show, a little variation comes courtesy of Current Sports production assistant Jonathan Chun, who provides a blurb on his brand new story about the Demmer Shooting Paralympics, which can be viewed with seven others on

Episode 892