Current Sports | March 31, 2020 | Michael Jordan Doc Moved Up, NCAA Eligibility Modification

Apr 2, 2020

Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance" pushed-up to April; The NCAA grants additional eligibility to spring sports; NBA season testing out possibilities to resume in the midst of the coronavirus 

Credit Flickr / Creative Commons

Another day, another Current Sports with Al Martin broadcast from home. On today's show, Al tells you about the new Michael Jordan documenatary entitled 'The Last Dance,' which profiles the 1997-1998 season of the Chicago Bulls dynasty. Some big names have called for the film to be pushed up due to how sports fans are starving for sports to return to their lives. ESPN has heard the cry and is responding. Also, Al will tell you how the NCAA is granting eligibility for those who play spring sports, whose season ended before ever really starting. To close the show, we bring you news concerning the NBA and its season resuming in a very different way. 

Episode 1621