Current Sports | May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017

NFL Draft; Detroit Lions Draft Grades; MSU Football Draftees; University of Michigan Draft Picks; Curtis Blackwell; Weekend Winners.

Credit MSU Athletics

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" we ask Lions fans, how are you feeling? After a nerve-wrecking weekend featuring the NFL draft, news from MSU football and the NBA playoffs, Al is back to deal with it all. Starting off with the NFL draft, Current Sports evaluates the selections of Spartans and Wolverines. The results were pretty conclusive when measuring the two programs' stock. Then, Al and engineer Isaac Constans grade the draft of the Honolulu Blue. With similar reasons but different conclusions, Al and Isaac put a letter on an eventful three days. Then, Al describes what could be taken away from the words of MSU football players, who spoke about the team publicly for the first time in months. Lastly, 'Weekend Winners' puts a bow on the show.

Episode 927