Current Sports | November 19, 2018

Nov 19, 2018

MSU Football; Mark Dantonio; Rocky Lombardi; Nebraska Cornhuskers; College football playoff; MSU basketball; Tom Izzo

Credit Twitter/Spartan Football

Happy thanksgiving week! On today's episode of Current Sports with Al Martin, Zachary Swiecicki, Jack Kirwan, Alec Reo, and Connor Matthes fill in for Al while he is on vacation. Listen as the crew breaks down MSU's loss on Saturday to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and talk about the dissapointing season as a whole. In segment two, the panel takes a broader look at college football and what the playoff picture looks like through 11 games. We are joined by Julian Mitchell, MSU men's basketball reporter for WDBM Impact Sports, in segment three to break down MSU's victory over Tennessee Tech on Sunday, and what the team needs to work on moving forward to have a successful season. Tune in tomorrow when we talk more college football and are joined by WDBM Impact Sports reporter Kyle Turk. 

Episode 1306