Current Sports | November 3, 2017

Nov 3, 2017

Michigan State Football Preview; Penn State; Saquon Barkley; High School Football Playoffs; Zach Berridge; MSU Men's Basketball; Eron Harris.

Credit Courtesy MSU Athletics

Can you get up after taking a fall? MSU and Penn State tomorrow afternoon and "Current Sports with Al Martin" predicts who will emerge standing. The Spartans and Nittany Lions battle Saturday at noon, and Al braces the fan base for challenges to come. Heisman front-runner Saquon Barkley will not be an easy man to stop for the MSU defense, but there is hope. Al explains, and engineer Isaac Constans lays down an interesting stat that shows why MSU might expect a different approach. Also, if Barkley isn't the x-factor, who is? After a ticket giveaway, WILX sports reporter Zach Berridge sums-up the high school football district championship action for later. At the stroke of the hour, former MSU men's basketball player Eron Harris comes on Current Sports. He's a tough man to get hold of between practicing with the team and rehabilitating, but the former Spartan swingman lends his insight on the Spartan team for this upcoming year.

Episode 1051