Current Sports | October 11, 2018

Oct 11, 2018

Erik Love; Tim Herd; Rising Black Men; TJ Gassnola; Deandre Ayton; Tom Izzo; Colin Kaepernick; Nike 

Erik "Doc" Love of The Game 730AM.

Happy Friday Eve everyone! On this episode of Current Sports with Al Martin, Al and Erik "Doc" Love, high school sports color commentator for The Game 730AM, talk local high school football and the current playoff race that is taking place. How many local teams will make the big dance and which teams are on the fringe? Also, Tim Herd, president of Rising Black Men speaks on his reaction to Nike endorsing Colin Kaepernick and his protests on police brutality and inequality in America. What kind of impact does African American athletes protesting inequality have on young black men today? Towards the tail end of the show, Al discusses the Tom Izzo Big Ten Media Day interview, with some notable answers from Izzo you won't want to miss. 

Episode 1280