Current Sports | October 13, 2017

Oct 13, 2017

Chicago Cubs; MLB Postseason; Michigan State Football Preview; Zach Berridge; Mid-Michigan Football; Reflection Friday. 

Credit Ron Cogswell / Flickr Creative Commons

Does it feel like deja vu? Maybe it's just Friday the 13th, but "Current Sports with Al Martin" has an eerily similar sound to this time last year. Former intern and MSU baseball team member David Greenberg is dancing through the phone as "Go Cubs, Go" reverberates through the speakers. Al, in honor of the Chicago' Cubs impressive win last night, talks the MLB playoffs with David, a diehard Cubs fan. Then, engineer Isaac Constans pops in to lay out how MSU can top Minnesota in the second straight night football game for the Spartans. Al drops the stats, and Current Sports productions Casey Harrison and Jon LeBlanc predict the outcome. Then, Zach Berridge, WILX TV sports reporter, is on for his normal high school football slot. Zach previews his upcoming episode of "The Sports Blitz" tonight, and he and Al bat around the news of the local high school football scene--including anthem protests. After that, there's only time for a quick call and then "Reflection Friday" from Al and Isaac before the weekend begins.

Episode 1036