Current Sports | October 3, 2018

Oct 3, 2018

Michigan State Basketball; Tom Izzo; Zone defense; Brian Bowen; Le'Veon Bell; Pittsburgh Steelers; Ryan Shazier; Earl Thomas; LeBron James; Los Angeles Lakers

Credit BUniverse27 / Flikr Creative Commons

Should Le'Veon Bell return to the Steelers? Is he right to hold out for more guaranteed money? On today's episode of Current Sports with Al Martin, Al debates that very topic with multiple members of his production staff during segment two. We begin the show however discussing Tom Izzo's comments last night suggesting the Spartans may look to employ a zone defense at some point during the season. In segment three, Al discusses Lebron James first suiting up for the Los Angeles Lakers and how impactful his change of scenery already is to the NBA. 

Episode 1275