Current Sports Segment of the Day: Hunt and Kaepernick Job Security Differences

Feb 12, 2019

On today's Current Sports with Al Martin Segment of the Day, Al addresses whether or not the employment of Kareem Hunt and unemployment of Colin Kaepernick are comparable.

Credit Bradford Speers / Andrew Mather - Flickr

On today's Current Sports with Al Martin Segment of the Day, Al explains why NFL running back Kareem Hunt was able to land a job with the Cleveland Browns, despite the fact that just two months ago he was caught on camera assaulting a young woman. 

The story has enraged some and brought into question how Hunt is still employed in the NFL, when quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who spearheaded the national anthem kneeling controversy, is still jobless. What kind of message does this send to the public and can you compare the two situations?

Al explains.