Current State for June 16-17, 2018

Jun 15, 2018

Our entire show is focused on Michigan Technology – changing the way we drive, we live and our health. 

MSU Lends Know-How to Autonomous Vehicle Engineering - reported by Kevin Lavery

MSU partners with Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation - reported by Katie Cook

Vehicles may soon "talk" with stop lights - reported by Reginald Hardwick

U.S. Army Tests Autonomous Tanks in Michigan - reported by Kevin Lavery

Serving Up Science Tries Next Generation Vegan Burger - reported by Karel Vega & Sheril Kirshenbaum

MSU Team Works To Improve Fingerprint Security - reported by Scott Pohl

Modern HAM Radio Operators - reported by Karel Vega

MSU Researchers Improve Underwater Robotics with 'GRACE' - reported by Katie Cook

Turning Smart Phones Into Blood Pressure Monitors - reported by Scott Pohl

New Treatment Helps Cancer Patients Keep Their Hair - reported by Scott Pohl

Device Clears Way For Phones in Operating Rooms - reported by Scott Pohl

MSU Researchers Develop Glaucoma Monitoring Device - reported by Scott Pohl