Current State for September 23-24, 2017

Sep 23, 2017

This weekend, Current State takes an in-depth look at what happened when organizations asked the state Civil Rights Commission to ban discrimination of GLBTQ people in Michigan. Plus, we hear from Capital region residents who have loved ones in earthquake damaged Mexico City and hurricane damaged Puerto Rico. We'll go on a tour of a community center helping Lansing for nearly 50 years. 

Our second half hour looks at how Michigan State University's new College of Human Medicine research center may provide clues on Autism.  Plus, a closer look at MSU's involvement in South Vietnam before the war escalated. Learn how demolition of dams is helping a Native American tribe reclaim its heritage in the Great Lakes region.



Michigan Civil Rights Commission on GLBTQ protection 

ACLU Suing Michigan over Adoption Rules

MSU Student with Family in Puerto Rico

Prayer Vigil for Earthquake/Hurricane Victims

What's Causing The Weekend Heat?

Cristo Rey Community Center 

MSU College of Human Medicine Targets Autism

MSU Involving in South Vietnam Archives 

Michigan Medal of Honor Recipient 

Dam Demolition Helps Mohawk Tribe Reclaim Ancestral Waters

Kirk Gibson Parkinson's Disease Fundraiser