Daughter of late EL rabbi writes guide to planning for old age

Sep 21, 2015

A new book examines how to plan for old age with a focus on talking about aging before you get there. Current State's Melissa Benmark talks with Sharona Hoffman about "Aging with a Plan."

Thinking about getting older is something that most of us try to avoid. A new book with Michigan ties offers some ideas about how to think constructively about it.

“Aging with a Plan” is a new book by Sharona Hoffman. She’s a professor of Law and Bioethics and co-director of the Law-Medicine center at Case Western Reserve University. She’s also the daughter of the late Rabbi Morton Hoffman, who was one of Current State’s “Voices of Experience” guests before his death in November of 2014.

Current State's Melissa Benmarks talks with Sharona Hoffman about how her parents inspired "Aging with a Plan."