Democratic Lawmakers Propose School Spending Holiday

Aug 19, 2019

Michigan residents could get a break on their back to school shopping. There are recently introduced bills that would create a back to school spending holiday.

States with School Sales Tax Holidays: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia

A proposed bill would allow Michigan parents and teachers to use the third Saturday in August to do their back to school shopping.

Some of the items that would not have a tax include personal computers that cost less than $1,000, and various school supplies like notebooks, pens, and rulers.

Democratic Representative Matt Koleszar is a bill sponsor. He said he’s talked to people in other states that have created the holiday. And he said it’s successful.

"This is not something that’s reinventing the wheel, this is not something that’s never been tried before," said Koleszar. 

Democratic Representative co-sponsor Nate Shannon said eliminating the sales and use tax could add up for families.

“That can be significant savings to families and teachers out there that are living paycheck to paycheck," said Shannon.

The bills are waiting for a committee hearing – but the Legislature isn’t expected back until the end of August.

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