Detroit Bishop Wayne T. Jackson previews inaugural benediction

Jan 19, 2017

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson hosted then-Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump at his Great Faith Ministries International in Detroit during the campaign season. Jackson is one of six high-profile faith community leaders invited to take part in Inauguration Day 2017. WKAR's Brooke Allen reached Rev. Jackson by phone today to ask what his inauguration benediction would be all about.

Bishop Jackson:...About unity...about healing...and about God's wisdom to lead President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Brooke: And how about to America as a whole?

Jackson: Healing...understanding that we are all here in this land together. I liken it to being on a ship. There are different categories if you're on a ship.  You may be on the ninth floor, someone might be on the fifth floor - whatever. But if that ship goes down everybody goes down with it. And America is a big ship and we're going somewhere. I don't believe that the fear that so many people have is warranted.  I believe that people need to let President Trump govern, and then make up your decision. Don't just jump into an assumption that something is going to be this way or that way.

Brooke: So you are a registered Democrat, correct?

Jackson: Correct, I am.

Brooke: Are you thinking about turning Republican?

Jackson: (laughs) Well, I've been a Democrat my whole life. The Republicans and the Democarts...they have work to do if they're going to win the African American vote. Whenever it's election time we have the politicians coming to our churches and speaking to our people. They're courting our community. So we want to see things done. We want better education, we want safety and we want to make sure jobs are in our community.

Brooke: And what if President Trump  asked you to be his personal spiritual advisor? Do you say yes?

Jackson: Oh, yes I would. I would love to do that or be a part of that because it's my calling. We're told by scripture to pray for our presidents and those in authority, so it would be an honor.

Brooke: Do you think there will be some unity going on Saturday as well?

Jackson: Well, I hope so and all we can do is pray and ask our Heavenly Father to bring healing in every area that we see going on. The protestors, those that are going to be attending here - we don't want this to be a week of violence or mayhem. We want to just come together as a country. We know it's divided half and half but we still got to live together in this country. So that's my hope and my prayer.