Detroit fiber internet company wants to speed up the Motor City

Jan 21, 2016

Fiber internet isn’t just the fastest form of internet, it’s one of the fastest ways to bring technological advancement to a city. Detroit internet company Rocket Fiber is bringing high-speed fiber internet to the Motor City. We speak with co-founder and CEO Marc Hudson.

If you’ve ever wished your internet connection could be better or faster, you’re the perfect candidate for high-speed fiber internet. Most homes get the internet through DSL or cable, which transfer data using the same copper wires used by your telephone and cable TV. Fiber-optic internet transfers data by sending beams of light down tiny fibers of glass, and it’s much faster.

Not only can it do great things for the average internet user, it can do great things for a city, and Detroit internet company Rocket Fiber is paving the way for the Motor City.

Current State talks with Rocket Fiber’s co-founder and CEO Marc Hudson about how much faster fiber internet really is than cable internet.