Diagnosed with MS at 15, MSU grad lives inspiring life

Aug 15, 2013

Kelly Finger_McNeela (left) and Doreen Rickert-Rademacher.
Credit WKAR/Joe Linstroth

Back in the mid-1980s, when Kelly Finger-McNeela was in high school, she began having problems walking and playing basketball, her favorite sport. Soon, Kelly would receive the terrible news:  she had primary-progressive multiple sclerosis.  It's one of the worst forms of the diseases, characterized by progressively worsening symptoms without any relapse.

Despite her gradually worsening symptoms, Kelly went on to graduate from Michigan State University, and in the process, help improve the campus’ accessibility to disabled students. She also married and adopted a child, all while confined a wheelchair as her condition worsened.

Despite her difficulty speaking, she was gracious enough to share her inspiring story with us here at Current State, along with her friend Doreen Rickert-Radamacher, who has written a book about Kelly’s life called “I Can and I Did.”

Current State host Mark Bashore asked Doreen how she first met Kelly and what sparked the beginning of their years-long friendship.